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Jobsite Safety Award 2015

DeMelis awarded the Jobsite Safety Award for 2015

Jobsite Safety Award

De Melis has been awarded Suncor's Jobsite Safety Contractor Award

Car Wash Equipment Distributor

De Melis is establishing a distributorship agreement with several large car wash parts manufacturers in order to become a "one-stop" shop for all your car wash equipment/parts/service requirements. More detail to follow soon...

Irving Oil & MacEwen Petroleum

De Melis confirms its status as a preferred service provider for Irving Oil & MacEwen Petroleum

Suncor Energy

De Melis confirms its continuous status as a preferred service provider for Suncor Energy

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Health & Safety

Workers in the construction and maintenance sectors are particularly susceptible to safety hazards. These can include injury from physical overexertion, exposure to toxic chemicals, working in extreme conditions, and dangers associated with heavy equipment. At DeMelis, we take our responsibilities towards employees very seriously. We have stringent policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our workers is not compromised. These include:

  • Hiring workers with the appropriate certifications for their jobs
  • Proper training of staff and regular refresher courses
  • Keeping tools and equipment in good working order
  • Using correct personal protective equipment and apparel, including safety footwear
  • Keeping all work areas clear of clutter and equipment
  • Following a recommended shiftwork pattern
  • Follow safety procedures for confined space entry, working at heights and electrical safety
  • Supervision and checks to ensure safety rules are followed
  • Keeping workers informed about specific hazards, such as those within the petroleum industry

We are active adherents to industry-standard programs such as the Petroleum Oriented Safety Training (POST), a safety orientation program which many oil companies require as the minimum acceptable safety training to access their sites. DeMelis is POST-certifed.